Welcome to Pretty Things and Apron Strings!

Welcome to my inaugural blog post!

Changes in my life have recently taken me from my suburban Connecticut roots to a new life in Georgia where I find myself happily married, finally living on my own…and perpetually sweating, it seems (Georgia just does that to you). I grew up as the youngest of three girls spread apart by enough years that between them and my parents there was always someone there to take care of and help me as I gracefully strode ( and other times clumsily stumbled) through my almost-25 years of living.

(Yes, that’s me in the middle)

Although wonderful to grow up so blessed with love and support, that also meant that after getting married I moved across the country not knowing the difference between baking, broiling, and roasting or how to manage a home and finances of my own.

So here I am, all grown up and more than 1,000 miles from home, hopelessly jobless in a terrible market and learning by trial and error how to be a good wife and cook and to create a home and life for us that I can be proud of. Luckily, having generations of fantastic cooks in my family (my grandmothers, parents, and siblings are all wonderfully skilled) has meant that I am genetically predisposed to not be a total disaster in the kitchen.

To my surprise (and my husband’s delight), I have actually found a lot of joy and pride in trying out new recipes, which I plan to share here in this blog…hence the “Apron Strings” in my title. Now that brings me to “Pretty Things”…I am hopelessly addicted to crafts and DIY projects. My goal is to use this blog to showcase my latest projects with a simple “how to” and hopefully, to include links to my Etsy Shop where you can purchase the things you see! Last but not least, this blog will serve as a venue for me to write about life, love, and family and my thoughts and experiences as I navigate through and reinvent my life in a new place.


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