Autumn Wreath

Well, I have yet to post a single craft project to reflect the “Pretty Things” in my blog title so I am putting an end to that today!

The silk flowers at Hobby Lobby went on sale this week so I pounced on them and purchased supplies to make a fall wreath for our door. Not having any decorations on our door for 2 months has been eating away at me and now I am at peace.

Unfortunately, I had to sequester myself in my bedroom with the door shut to complete my project because Lola, our kitten,kept attacking my wreath making supplies. She wasn’t thrilled about that but I was able to finish in a short amount of time without her biting my grapevine wreath and dragging away my flower stems.

This type of wreath is pretty simple to make if you want to do-it-yourself. You will need: a plain grapevine wreath (any diameter you’d like), 4 large flower heads, 2-3 stems of berries or fuzzies (not sure what else to call them), wire cutters, floral wire, and ribbon. Plan out ahead of time based on the shape of the wreath where you want the ribbon to be at the top, as this will determine the orientation of your project. Simply cut the flowers/stems, stick them into the wreath, and secure them with the floral wire. This project can be replicated for any season with different color flowers. Click on the photo below to see an up-close view.


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