Fabric Magnet Board

Lately I have been looking for an organized way to store my coupons and “to do” lists so I would look less like a neurotic coupon hoarder.

I saw several posts on Pinterest about people making their own cute magnet boards with cookie sheets and fabric, so I decided to try it. It is extremely easy to make (no sewing involved!), very inexpensive, and is an aesthetically pleasing way to stay organized. To make this yourself, you will need the following materials: a flat cookie sheet (pick one up at a dollar store – the flatter the better), a piece of fabric of your choice (a “fabric quarter” is the perfect size), ribbon, magnets/magnet clips, and fabric glue (I used Fabri-Tac because it is permanent and very quick to dry). To hang it to the wall, you will just need a hammer and a nail.

  1. Simply wrap your fabric around the cookie sheet and use the fabric glue to secure it to the back. If your cookie sheet is not completely flat, you will want to glue the fabric flat to all the angles of the pan otherwise the magnets will not stick.
  2. Tie a bow with your ribbon and glue that to the top of the board.
  3. Cut a longer piece of ribbon and glue the ends at an angle to the back of the board (the length will be determined by how much ribbon you want to hang it by).
  4. Once your glue is dry, you can hang it to the wall and use magnets to organize anything you want!


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