Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, loyal readers!

Tomorrow will return to regular postings of delicious recipes to try, but in honor of one of my favorite holidays, I’d like to post a few pictures!

I have in the last several years come to appreciate more and more creative hand-made costumes and will wear nothing less to celebrate the holiday. This year, a few of us wiped out the Joann Fabrics supply of netting to create our costumes – we went as loofahs! We were a total hit downtown this weekend – so many people wanted to talk to us and take pictures with us, it was like we were celebrities. Seems that all the Sexy Kittens and Sexy Cops and Sexy Anythings missed the memo that the best way to get people’s attention is to look completely ridiculous! A night out with some fellow married ladies who just wanted to have a good time together was just the ticket to raise my still bored and jobless spirits!

I also played around with some settings on my good camera and learned how to take a picture to make holiday lights glow! If you have a digital-SLR camera, you just have to lower the aperture (the “f” – though mine wouldn’t go as low as most directions suggest) and change the ISO to 1600. Lola was nice enough to put up with my experimentation to model for me…sort of.

So far it is 7:30pm in a large apartment complex. We are stocked up with three 5lb bags of Halloween candy and so far we have gotten only one trick-or-treater…and she came to the door crying (apparently she fell on the way to our door). I hope for our waistlines’ sake that we get a surge of children soon or we are going to be eating candy for months to come.



One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy First Halloween together, you two!

    Love those costumes – you all look adorable and definitely get first prize for originality!

    Barbara (Mom)

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