Spring Wreath: Springing Forward after I Fell Back!

Well, it’s finally happening. After a nearly 4 month hiatus from blogging, I’m back at it!

The best way I can explain my falling off the wagon is to relate it to exercise…it feels great when it’s part of your weekly routine and then when things (i.e., the holidays and employment and laziness) mess up your routine, it’s super hard to get back into it, even though it’s good for you!

Alas, please forgive my indiscretion and thank you for not giving up on me – many of you have repeatedly asked me to bring it back – it’s nice to know I have loyal readers. I will really try to stick with it this go-around. Ironically enough, I am back to exercising as well and I am finally working…albeit at a job I dislike, but it’s only temporary. We are almost certain that Boston will be our landing ground after we flee the South (and never look back) and we both cannot be more thrilled (yay!). Even the always-daunting task of packing and moving sounds great to me if it means going to a place we love near the people we love. Just cross your fingers something will come of all the job applications I’ve been submitting over the past month or so.

Though I have been storing up a stockpile of recipe images on my camera since I last blogged, I am going to commemorate my return to Pretty Things and Apron Strings by showing off my new spring/summer wreath DIY craft…which I LOVE. Let’s think of it as a symbol of the spring rebirth of the blog. I am so happy with how it turned out and it was so super easy to make too! Fear not, I will be back with the healthy recipes very soon!

All I used was: a grapevine wreath, a few silk flowers (wait until they go on sale though…yeeesh), wire cutters, floral wire, burlap flower picks (or you can make your own if you’re feeling ambitious), and feathers. You can also reinforce your wreath with hot glue or craft glue but that’s up to you. I just stuck everything in, wrapped some wire around it, created a wire loop at the top to hang it by, and voila! Less than $30 for a designer-looking, very chic statement for your door!

Spring Wreath


One thought on “Spring Wreath: Springing Forward after I Fell Back!

  1. Glad you are back to your Blog, Michelle…can’t wait for more of your healthy recipes, too! You are so creative…beautiful wreath! So glad you think Boston will happen..I remember Barb saying that! Sue xo

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